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Where can I find the church campus?

  • 5301 E. Main St, Nacogdoches, TX, 75961
  • New Hope Church is located approximately 1.1 miles east of loop 224 in Nacogdoches Texas on Hwy 21 East toward San Augustine (Map Link)
What time are Weekly Services ?
  • Sundays.....
  • Community Groups 10:00 am
  • Morning Worship 11:00 am
  • Wednesdays.....
  • Fellowship Meal 6:00 pm
  • Adult Bible Study 7:00 pm
  • Youth Group 6:30 pm

What should I Expect in the Worship Services ?

  • Worship usually begins with a countdown timer shown on the projection screen as the Worship Team gathers. The service will begin with music and everyone is invited to participate. The lyrics are displayed on the screen above the stage.
  • Be sure to take a Church Bulletin. Important information is provided along with fill-in blanks for the Sunday morning message.
  • An opportunity to give offerings and tithes is also provided during the morning service.
    As our guest, please don't feel obligated to give.
  • The sermon given from the pulpit will be Christ-centered that will not only help you understand God's word, but also apply His teachings to your daily life.
  • Usually at the end of the service an opportunity will be given for an altar call. We here at New Hope want you to know that every moment the altar is open for prayer and any need you may have.